Blog headlines that really ZING!

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So, there I was, idly minding my own business, glancing down my RSS feed, seeing what I should catch up and what I should skim.
Facebook is the new yada yada…
Twitter can rock your blah blah blah…
The Pole Dancer’s Guide to Being a Better Blogger
When Was The Last Ti- …….errr, whose guide to the what now?

Great Blog Headlines & Pole Dancers

Now, you know that I’m nearly going to break my finger clicking on that – for many reasons. Pole dancers for starters, and how in the name of beezlebub can you shoehorn Pole Dancers and Blogging?  Has Bendy Kate from Got To Dance started blogging?
That punchy headline guarantees that I will want to read more – so I did. And there’s a lot we can learn from the article about how to craft a blog. Not only from the great content, but from the style. Here’s a snippet –
“If someone said to you that you should blog like a pole dancer to grow your blog, would you be curious and say, “Okay, I’m listening, but no touching!” or would you say, “Are you out of your mind, man? What the heck has pole dancing got to do with blogging?”
Well, if you were swaying toward the first answer – cool, this post is for you. If you were of the second opinion – well, I have no clever answer to persuade you to stick around and check out why. Except maybe… stick around and check out why.”

Pole dancing and blogging tips

First of all, take an interesting and unusual subject – pole dancers – and write out some of the attributes connected with this subject. Then weave your article around these.
This can work for a lot of attention grabbing headlines for your blog. “The Ferrari Owners Guide To Buying A Wallet”. “What Downton Abbey Can Teach Us About Retirement”.  With a bit of craft and polish the attributes won’t come across as shoehorned in, but considered and relevant.
You can even use this with people “What Jeremy Clarkson and Your Subject have in common”. ” What Whatever You Want To Talk About can learn from Lana Del Ray”.
Bump up your blog activity by doing something unexpected. Go pole-dancing.
Make sure that you read the whole article from Danny Brown about Pole Dancing And Blogging