We’ve been putting this article from Brian Solis out on the Saucy Horse twitter accounts as there are so many good points in the article. Today I’m pulling these 10 points out.

The Top 10 Questions Customers Are Asking You in Social Media

1. Why should I like you on Facebook?
2. Why should I follow you on Twitter?
3. Why would I value the experience? What would I take away?
4. Why would I want to stay connected over time?
5. Why would I choose to engage your updates in my social stream over those of my real friends?
6. Why would I tell everyone I know to follow you?
7. Why would I share your content with my audience of peers?
8. Why would I decide to invest my time and express loyalty in your network and not mine?
9. Why should I care if you don’t care about my needs, experiences, or questions?
10. Why should I come back?
Answering these questions will also help you answer an important question to move forward in any meaningful, long-term direction. This exercise unlocks an important ingredient in any customer-facing business strategy…empathy. Once we truly hear our customers we are inspired by the empathy that develops simply by being human.
Why are you investing in a social presence?
Why are you trying to become a social business?
Why will you succeed where others can’t?

Not only will answering these questions help you formulate your Social Media strategy, it will help you whenever you feel stuck or overwhelmed by it all.  If you are trying to work out what content to have, how to really make your Marketing stand out in Social Media, or how to expand your reach in Social Media, thinking about these questions and really answering them will guide you.  Like all aspects of marketing it’s about knowing your customers and target markets and supplying them with something that they need; whether it’s products or services or in Social Media’s case, information and conversation.
This will be at the forefront of my mind today – Why? What about you – what’s your purpose and ultimate aim?
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