Intriguing digital snapshot of online activity infographic & article – some real eye-openers here!

What happens online every 60 seconds

You can click on this link to see the image fullsize – 60 seconds online infographic
My stand-out points culled from the article:
• 98,000+ tweets per minute. Latest statistics show 20% of tweets relate to brands or products, that’s nearly 20,000 tweets every minute – the question is are they talking about your brand? If so, do you know what they’re saying? If not, the big question for you is why aren’t they?
• 13,000+ iPhone downloads. The guys at Apple haven’t created a new phone, they’ve created a new channel for brands to add value to the lives of their market – is your brand one of the many who have yet to develop a brand ap strategy?
• 25+ hours of YouTube video. If video is the new frontier in brand communication, do you have a YouTube Channel for your brand communications yet?
• 1,500+ blog posts per minute. That represents alot of people talking about alot of things. As the internet and blogs in particular become even further ingrained in the selection decision making process of customers and clients for virtually every product and service, how is your brand leveraging this valuable online channel to build your reputation? This is a particularly huge opportunity for professional services firms.
• 695,000+ with Facebook status updates per minute – there are now more Facebook posts than Google inquiries. Facebook has literally become its own communication channel – Nowdays for a brand to not have a Facebook strategy is kind-of like running a business without email.
It’s all changing so fast – are you keeping up? Do you need some clarity in your thinking on social media marketing in terms of the most efficient way to leverage it for your business? If so, what questions specifically do you need answering?