If you run a travel or holiday business and you are interested in getting more customers, read on. In fact, if you run any type of business and you want more leads, this is for you.
You can increase the number of visitors to your website by increasing the likelihood that they can find you in any searches they do on the web – you need to be appearing high up in the search results, and you can aid that process by using video on your website.
Just like this…

Using video on your website improves your rankings with Google and other search engines by up to 50 times.
Of course, the main reason why you need an eyecatching, interesting and engaging video on your Home Page is so that you provide lots of relevant & helpful  information to your visitors – after all the most important thing is that your visitors get what they need when they get there! This will increase their “user experience” which keeps the search engines happy and improves their ranking of your business – but the bottom line is video helps you engage with your visitors and makes them glad they found you… when it’s done right.
If you aren’t using video yet, what’s the main obstacle stopping you capitalising on this marketing godsend?