Extract from yesterday’s Reel SEO blog by Grant Crowell (and I’ve anglicised some of those Americanisms!!):

“Wikipedia defines “socialisation” as the primary means that human beings acquire the skills necessary to perform as a functioning member of their society, and is the most influential learning process one can experience. I think “socialise” works as an action verb for how people use technology, tools, customs, values, roles and language of social media – not just for ROI, but also to build and improve on our own business culture. I’ve found video to be the ideal medium for socialising in business as well as personal life, and I’m looking forward to demonstrating real examples of that in action in my session titled, “Social Video Marketing: What Every Business Should Know (and Do).”

“Given the pervasive popularity and proliferation of video in both search results and social media campaigns, we felt that our Socialise agenda would not be complete without a serious strategy discussion on video optimization and monetization by senior media analyst and expert videologist, Grant Crowell.”
Of course, the SEO benefits of using video on your website have been extolled here many a time. You can read about that and also about the different ways you can use video to market your business on the Saucy Horse Video website as well.
This next year is going to see a massive increase in the growth of online video and websites using video to promote their business and engage with their customers.

“Using video for your business allows you to tell engaging, involving stories that can sway a consumer’s choice and change their perceptions…At its best, video has a very real impact on the way potential consumers view the world. It creates an impression, influences a mood, and displays things in a way that helps your target audience to gain a fresh understanding about a specific topic, and more importantly your product.”
Computer Weekly Magazine

“People are using the Internet in a different way now. With broadband penetration becoming ubiquitous and more and more sites having this easy capability, people are expecting video to be there.”
K.C. Estenson, GM of CNN.com
If you haven’t got video on your website yet, and haven’t yet got a strategy to drive traffic as well as increase the number of business leads you are getting, what’s stopping you? Is it cost? Is it the need to more fully understand the opportunities? Or is it something else?
You can read Grant’s full article here