I started a short series of blogs recently on how to avoid cold calling if, like me, you’re not convinced it’s as effective as many other methods of getting new business – they are based on an article on Smart Marketing Blog which states- “Cold-calling makes you a commodity”
Here’s their second tip on better ways to get more business.
2. Establish authority
What’s the difference between a sales rep and a trusted consultant? A sales rep asks for business cards, a trusted consultant establishes cordial relationships. The question is how you do that – networking is great for collecting a whole pile of biz cards but the art would be to develop the relationship by taking an interest in what they do – perhaps email relevant links you may have found, recommend a book you think they may like to read, get to know what makes them tick a bit by engaging on Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever Social Media Platforms they may be using… It’s not as touchy feely as it sounds. When you know what people are saying, talking about, interested in – you can build a relationship so that you are the “go-to” they think of when they have a need for whatever product or service you provide. There’s also a huge value in respecting a prospects’ buying cycles. If you are patient and personable, and don’t pressure prospects into a quick, price-driven promotion, they’ll come to you when they need to, providing you have maintained the relationship. When the client regards you as a trusted advisor — somebody who’s invested in their business as much as they are — instead of an easily-replaced commodity, there’s no need to lower your prices. Clients will gladly pay extra knowing without a doubt you’re the best at what you do and that you have their interest in mind, instead of your invoice. Does this work for you in your business? Are you using social media to build these sort of relationships?