add a video to linkedin

Add a video to your LinkedIn profile

Here’s our latest in the series of video marketing services tips. If you have produced a video for your business and your website, you want to make sure that you maximise its value to you in terms of marketing your business and generating interest. Our top recommendations for how to use videos are

  • Add to your front page of your website. It is fantastic for SEO and viewer engagement and should help you drop more prospects into your sales funnel.
  • Upload to YouTube. The first step in any marketing of a video – put your video on YouTube where people will see it, optimise it and link to it on Youtube from other online places such as your Google+ profile and your blog. This will help you with your search engine rankings.
  • Add to your Facebook page. Let your customers know what you have been up to. Facebook videos are easily shareable, and are a great way of launching a Facebook competition.
  • Tweet it. You can share the video with your twitter followers and if you;re lucky they’ll share it with their followers – and so on!
  • Add it to your blog. Illustrate your blog posts with a video. Write blog posts about videos that you have commissioned and take your viewers behind the scenes.
  • Include it in your mailing list. Make your emails stand out in their in-box by adding your videos.
  • Google +. If you have a presence on Google+ then populate it with videos. The link to YouTube makes it all very easy.
  • LinkedIn. Add videos to your LinkedIn Company page and to the Products and Services tabs.

New LinkedIn personal profiles

LinkedIn have now updated personal profiles to allow videos to be added. It’s very easy to add a video.

  • Click on “Edit Profile”
  • Add videos to LinkedIn personal profile
  • Put the link in the box, add information and save.
  • You can add as many videos as you would like to your profile.

Benefits of adding videos to LinkedIn Profile

Any LinkedIn profile that stands out is a good thing. The more information that you provide and the better looking that your LinkedIn personal profile is, the better you and your company looks to casual browsers and people looking for more information on the services you offer.
The amount of places that videos can be used online shows how versatile they are, and just what a cost-effective type of marketing that they can be.
Will you be adding videos to your personal profile on LinkedIn? If you’d like to know more about our video marketing services feel free to give us a call for any advice or help you may need – 0333 011 3389.