Video Marketing

We’ve all heard the statistics by now – millions of videos, gazillions of hours of content, all being posted on YouTube – and if you’re not there at the YouTube party, you’re missing out when it comes to video marketing.
It’s all fine and dandy uploading videos to Youtube, but how can you ensure they are helping you get more leads for your business?
Here’s a video we made recently for our client – they’ve optimised it on YouTube and here’s a reminder of what you can do to optimise your videos on YouTube and build a relevant audience for your business products and services.


Optimise your videos on YouTube

You need to optimize your videos for search engine optimisation (SEO) – this basically means they will be found online when someone (a potential customer or prospect) searches for whatever it is you do.
First things first – add a title to your video that attracts the audience you’re after. It needs to describe the content (you’d be surprised at how many don’t) and you need to make sure that you include keywords that are relevant to the video and your business. That way, the title itself will attract viewers, and the keyword content will help the search engines to find you!

 SEO – get your video in the search results

When it comes to good SEO practice, you must add a description to your videos if you want them to appear in search results – search engines will crawl through the content in your description and will decide how to rank the videos appropriately for search results. Don’t forget to start the description on YouTube with a link to the relevant web page that you’d like the viewer to go to once they’ve viewed the video – where again you will have included the keywords and the text that you’ve used in the description. You also need to add relevant tags. YouTube uses the tags to link the videos with other relevant videos –  so videos with similar tags are shown in the “related videos” section. Being shown with other videos on the subject helps you increase exposure, and attract traffic you wouldn’t otherwise have had – great for SEO!
Enable your comments – yes, it’s scary and someone may write something mean – but any comments at all improve your SEO and the search engines will consider your video worthy of a higher search ranking with comments, as opposed to without!

Sharing video on social media channels

Videos help you build a business personality – you should add links to your videos on all your social media profiles & channels and of course on your own website – you can add video to a blog as well and write a behind-the-scenes, about how it was made, for example. Make it easy to share by posting it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and pretty much anywhere else you have created a social profile. Adapt the comments for the social platform – and don’t automate! It’s not fun receiving the same post with the same video and the same words, all at the same time, if you follow someone across multiple accounts!
If you embed it in your blog you can share from the blog at different times, and you can transcribe the video content, which will help with SEO.  Search engines will be able to search text rather than the video and you’ll rank for terms that might otherwise have been missed.
What other tips do you have for improving the results you get from uploading videos to YouTube?