Well, gets you more website traffic and a chance to get more customers…

Marketing checklist for your business:

WEBSITE Been there…
SEO Done it…
EMAIL MARKETING Bought the T-Shirt…
and Social Media is hopefully on the list too – a strategy and a presence on the relevant platforms where your audience are.
So what other online marketing tool can you use to increase your ranking in the search results by up to 50 x?
What other tool can you use to help you get more visitors to your website, and to make those visitors happier, better engaged and more likely to become your customer once they’re there?
The answer, my friends, is VIDEO

In the old days video was seen as something that only the big boys could afford – and even then it was considered problematic with upload times and rendering problems on many websites.
Now that we all have superfast internet connections wherever we are, that problem is no more – adding video to your homepage was the fastest-growing website feature for small-business advertisers in the USA in 2009, according to a study by WebVisible.
Video can be used to build your company profile, boost your brand, build trust & give your customers comfort about who they are dealing with, show product demos, show happy customer testimonials, and help position your business as experts in your field or sector. As well as featuring on your website they can be uploaded to YouTube on your own business TV channel РYouTube is the second biggest search engine behind only Google. Your customers are looking for your service or product on YouTube every day,  and you will only be found if you are up there! There are a plethora of video distribution platforms available to you and they can be used to get your video assets out into the world where your customers will find them.
Video is an excellent way to cut through the noise that is email marketing these days – we can set up short URLs to a specific piece of video content which you can then use within your email. Full tracking of who is opening and watching can also be provided. The possibilities are endless – how about using QR Codes or Textback Marketing to deliver fully mobile video content to your customer’s mobile phone? Property videos sent to your client’s Blackberry as they scan a property in the estate agents’ window? Film trailers sent to your customer’s I-phone when they scan the “what’s on” in the local paper? Or perhaps you prefer to drive the customer to your website with custom URLs that they can scan to be taken directly to your homepage where they can watch a video? Oh, it’s exciting!
Putting up static brochure websites is the same as not having a website was 5 years ago – we are all incredibly sophisticated these days in terms of our viewing habits and our acquisition of information, and we want to be given it in an attractive, engaging, effective package. Video does that. And because it makes your website visitor’s experience so much better, the search engines will love you for it, and reflect that in your rankings. And rankings is where it’s at – if you’re not ranking high up on that first page, you won’t get a look in.
Please call me if you’d like to chat about what’s possible within your budget. You can have a look at some prices and gallery of our work at Saucy Horse Video