Making a video for your website

Stunning videos don’t always have to be about using moving footage that’s been shot by a professional video production crew although clearly we know a few if you find yourself in the market for top notch video production services in the UK ūüėČ

Using video on your website

In this day and age, it’s totally possible to craft a video for your website – something quite lovely – ¬†using still photos & images that you already have. ¬†Using software like Microsoft Movie Maker you can add photos and images to produce ¬†a fabulous video for your websites, and for other online marketing – email campaigns for instance.
Most software packages available give you the option to dissolve one picture into another, set duration of the picture on the screen – have it there for as long or as short as you like – and you can add your own background music. ¬†Fading pictures in and out, zooming into areas on your photos and bringing the images in from side to side or from top to bottom adds a professional feel to your video. ¬†Landscape photos really come to life, bright colours catch the viewers eye – you don’t even have to keep to one picture per page but add multiples to produce a stunning effect for your video. ¬†The option to speed up the turnover of your images creates a real sense of action. ¬†So whether you use this software to create a corporate video on your company website or to show your holiday snaps on a social media website, this is how to use pretty pictures to make a stunning video!