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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s all about that front page of the search engine results, isn’t it – whether you’re appearing on it when people search for whatever you do. How do you use social media to improve SEO?  Here are our tips on how to use Social Media to increase your SEO rankings.

Tweet your key phrases

Make a list of all the key phrases that you would like to be found for, and drop them into tweets.  Make sure that the information that you are tweeting is still useful and helpful, or you run the risk of alienating your followers and looking like a spammer. This won’t work for all your keywords and keyword long tails but when it does, it won’t harm your cause.

Cross Link Your Social Media Platforms

Make sure that your Twitter is linked to your blog is linked to your Facebook is linked to your YouTube is linked to your LinkedIn is linked to your Pinterest… you get the message! This all increases the ease in which your company is found and also your SEO ranking. The platform we are liking very much at the moment when it comes to SEO juice is Google+. It’s a bit of a hinterland right now but Google likes it (I wonder why ;)), and seems to rank your posts highly if you’re using it as part of a coordinated and integrated approach – at least at the moment!  It may prove to develop into something that gains wider acceptance as we move forward. So no harm in setting up a profile now!

Keywords in Social Media

From the smallest tweet to the longest blog post – make sure that you include your keywords when it seems right to do so.  Make it easy for search engines to find you!  If you are writing a blog entry, make sure that you categorise, tag and header each blog appropriately, and that you’re using all of the available meta fields to give yourself the best possible chance of being found for your chosen words.

Use Videos And YouTube

YouTube is owned by Google, and you have to take advantage of that when it comes to helping Google to find your website and online content. Make sure that your videos are tagged and that descriptions include keywords for full SEO benefits (For more video tips, you can read our Saucy Horse Video Blog
Is your Social Media activity improving your SEO – are you getting more traffic to your website because of what you’re doing on the social media platforms?