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TV Adverts – A low cost option?

TV commercials are a form of advertising that we are all aware of, but for many small businesses, TV adverts can seem too expensive and out of reach when it comes to marketing budgets. However, there is good news! Costs have fallen significantly in recent years – both in terms of producing a high quality TV advert and actually getting it on screen. It’s now possible for businesses to show their adverts to a highly targeted group of potential customers. This reduces your costs and increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
Harnessing this new opportunity effectively is a two stage process. Firstly, you need to identify the group that you would like to see your TV advert.Sky AdSmart technology allows you to filter by area, age and income as well as more specialised categories like pet ownership and car ownership. The adverts are downloaded to a Sky Digibox in the home of your prospect, and inserted during the regular commercial breaks on certain channels. Cool, huh?
Secondly you’ll need to create a TV advert that appeals to this group. Luckily, the set of tools you have at your disposal to create this advert has grown in recent years.

Identifying your targets

In an age of detailed digital marketing analytics TV advertising has begun to feel increasingly old fashioned. Whilst Facebook and Google have made it possible to target ads at highly specific audiences TV has been able to offer giant audiences but with little ability to target effectively. Sky AdSmart changes all that. It’s now possible for businesses to run advertising in small areas targeted at specific groups. Local businesses who previously had to choose between advertising in a relatively large area to many uninterested customers, and not using TV advertising at all, can now target their TV advert campaigns much more effectively.

This is exactly what we helped Hazelmere Windows to achieve. The ability to target their TV adverts at a much more specific group brought TV advertising within their budget and made them much more confident that their advertisement would achieve a good return on investment. Hazelmere had a clear idea of their target customer’s persona and used this construct a tightly focused target group for their first ever TV commercial.

Producing the perfect TV advert

The cost of producing a high quality, good looking TV advert has decreased significantly in recent years. Even small scale productions now have access to aerial shots, HD recording and other features that would have previously required a budget in the tens of thousands of pounds. Modern editing facilities also make it possible to re-use footage in different adverts for different events at a relatively low cost.

The video above is a great example of advertising for a clear demographic group. This means that online marketing videos designed for specific audiences can now be used on television as well.

If you’d like to know more about creating an effective, highly targeted TV advert then contact our video marketing experts. They’d be delighted to talk you through creating a TV advert that will communicate with your target customers and bring you more leads, at a budget that delivers real return on your investment.