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How do you use Social Media at work?

This great infographic lists lots of facts as to how we are affected by social media, but the above stat, about how people use social media at work, jumped out at us.
Infographic from Your Brain on Social Media Infographic
What stat surprises you the most?

Driving the conversation on social media

This infographic can help when you are talking on Social Media as a business. When people are talking on social media, 80% of the converstaion is about themselves. Stand out from your competitors by doing something different – don’t talk about yourself on social media. Concentrate on providing interesting, useful and most of all shareable content that people actively look for on their twitter feed.
You can also use this stat to use twitter in a more social way for your business. Ask questions, either openly on your feed or directly to people as a result of their tweets.Get chatting, learn about your customers and potential customers and inspire the conversation. The more you know about your customer base, the easier it will be to provide them with (yes, you guessed it) interesting, useful and shareable content.

What is the most shareable content on social media?

Video is by far the most shared content on social media, followed by pictures. If you have short videos showing products, or showing something interesting or unusual about your business, people will share it. They may add comments or questions, which extends the conversation.
You can tell your social media circle about products or news on video. Make sure that the videos are short – humour can help with having your content shared too!

Do people value social media?

With people valuing access to social media and the ability to talk about themselves over money, do you think that users value social media too much or is this just a sign of the times?