Creating an ROI with the digital marketing mix

The marketing mix has been a basic part of the most successful marketing strategies for decades. Its 7 Ps (Price, Product, Place, Physical Evidence, Promotion, People and Process) are considered by marketers the world over when they’re planning and executing marketing campaigns.
Some marketers struggle to apply the same concepts when it comes to the digital marketing mix. There can be a tendency not to track numbers as robustly in digital marketing campaigns, especially when it comes to social media marketing and video marketing.
We believe that the opposite should be the case. Digital marketing tools like Google Analytics make it easier than ever to track exactly what every penny that you spend on digital marketing is bringing you. The key is understanding how you can use them, which often requires a significant break from conventional marketing thinking. Here are three things you need to consider for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Take time to identify your prospect

The first P you should think about when you consider the digital marketing mix is people. Who would use your product and why? Or, more accurately, what need do people have that your product solves. Many marketers are guilty of talking about features rather than benefits in their copy or their video and social media marketing campaigns. The consumer doesn’t care that your new product is 70% faster than the last one, at least not directly. On the other hand, if the new product helps them complete their work 70% more quickly, then they’ll probably be interested.
Targeted advertising tools like Google AdWords or Facebook advertising allow you to target your prospect directly. To do this you’ll need to understand what makes them tick – motivational segmentation. This means understanding their likes and interests, what do they do at the weekend? Do they have kids? Where do they go on holiday. If you build this persona of your ideal prospect then you’ll find it much easier to target them using these tools, and niche advertising and content.

Talk about your competitors.

The internet is the world’s greatest product comparison tool. Very few people will consider only one product or service. They’ll use the web to compare the features of each. You should be helping them to do this. Make a marketing video that helps them to compare your product against its major competitors. Or make a high converting landing page that offers them the information that they need when researching their purchase. If your landing page is a success you’ll be able to capture their email address, which will allow you to market to them later on in the process.

Creating virtual physical evidence

Physical evidence may sound like an impossible thing to produce as part of the digital marketing mix. How can you prove something works when it’s online? Often the key is using video to create a product demonstration that proves your product really works. Testimonials are another great way of giving credence to your claims about your product. Video testimonials can be straightforward to produce. If your customers love your products they’ll be keen to tell others about them so convincing a few people to offer an excellent testimonial shouldn’t be too tricky.
Understanding the digital marketing mix is crucial to your success. The digital marketing scene changes almost every day and keeping up with what happens can be a full time job in itself. If you’d like us to brief you on the latest happenings, or to support your in-house teams with your digital marketing campaigns, then contact our digital marketing experts on 0333 011 3389. We’d love to hear from you!