In our previous article, “Advice For First-Time Business Bloggers” we said,

We recommend 2-3 times a week minimum to our clients as this really helps the Search Engines get to know you – and they’ll come back more regularly if you are providing plenty of fresh content.

Content is everything.
If you are providing quality fresh content that people like to read, the search engines will love you. Readers who find you via search engines will spend longer on your page.
If your readers share your content via other Social Media platforms the search engines pick up on that as well.
If you syndicate via an RSS feeder, your readers get used to seeing your name and get used to visiting your site.
Fresh, relevant, quality content helps you position yourself as an expert in your field. Comments on your post allow you to have a dialogue; frequently your readers will bring something new to the discussion and help expand it.
It’s half an hour or an hour from your day that can reap so many more benefits than the time suggests.
How often do you update your blogs? Do you find it hard thinking of fresh content?