Getting leads online

How can you get more leads?


Finding more qualified leads is easier than it sounds

Lets face it, we all want to get ourselves into the eyeline of new customers for our business, but the simple question many marketers struggle to get past is “How?”

What most businesses are blinded by is the fact that nobody likes being thrown straight into a sale. People don’t react well when they’re being sold too, unless they’ve proposed it. That’s the reason why people don’t even bother reading half of their emails most of the time, because the subject line is an evident sales pitch. There are a number of phases you have to take your stranger through before you even think about selling to them. In today’s blog post we will be talking about the phases which will assist you in finding more qualified leads.

Do the right strangers find you online?

Firsts things first – for any successful business to build a list of prospective customers, you need to start by finding pre-qualified “strangers”. By that we mean people who would buy your product or service, but who don’t yet know you exist.

Correspondingly, to be able to turn those strangers into something of value to your business, you need a plan to convert them to visitors – in other words, they need to come to your online shop front. Of course, we mean your website.

You need to be visible to those strangers – either digitally or by word of mouth. Don’t limit yourself on ways people can find you online. Broaden your horizon, as they say! It all starts by understanding the keywords they use in their search online for whatever it is you sell. 90% of purchases start online – that’s convincing enough in itself, right?

So, it makes sense to have your search engine optimisation ducks in a row. Of course, there is an overwhelming range of tools you can use once you know how people look for you –  the social media networking sites, blogs, PPC, SEM, video marketing… but it all starts with understanding the search terms you’re prospects use.

More Qualified Leads

Once our stranger shows interest in your business by browsing your website or landing page, then the next goal is to get them clicking a link from one of your social posts or blogs – basically responding to a Call To Action. This is the perfect opportunity to engage with them and generate meaningful conversation via a structured nurture strategy. Here at Saucy Horse we see most success when those leads are indoctrinated into the culture of your business – proving your credibility, your usefulness and relevance, and the interest you can provide.

This is the phase when you nudge those prospects into taking the next step, which would be dropping them into a sales funnel. Funnels can start very successfully with your  landing pages in which they exchange their details with you in return for something of value. For example our funnels begin with our free reports on digital marketing. It’s not easy – let’s not forget how hesitant people can be about handing over their details! This is why these 2 phases are the most important of them all. When engaging with strangers, talk to them about what interests them, answer their FAQs, show an understanding of their needs at that particular time.

Find your ideal prospects – they’re waiting for you

Quite often you will need to search them out of the masses of people online. If you want to undertake this step efficiently, we suggest you define your ideal customer – one of the best ways to do this is by segmenting, targeting and positioning. This will not only give you a better insight about who it is you’re looking for, it will be purposeful and deliver better results in terms of qualified leads.

In the next blog post we will be talking about the next phases you can take to turn your visitors into customers and finally advocates.

Be prepared to be methodical in this process – the outcome will be a good one if you follow the digital science 😉