Use Social Buttons To Share Interesting Content!

You’ve spent a lot of time and probably a reasonable amount of money on your website, and hopefully you’ve worked on SEO – search engine optimisation. You’ve made sure that you have relevant, interesting and clear content. You’ve added video on your website to encourage people to visit and look around. Your business blogis current and frequently updated. What else can you do to encourage readers and repeat visitors and also for people to share your content?

Display a Share Button for Social Media

It can be something as easy as adding a share button. Brightedge recently analysed more than 4 million tweets.  This analysis showed that pages that display Twitter share buttons get 7 times the social media mentions than sites that do not. Add Share Buttons To Your Website This is something that you can do now at almost no cost to your company and reap benefits.  You’ll be ahead of most other companies – the same research found that almost half of the largest 10,000 sites on the Web still don’t display any kind of social sharing links or buttons at all. The research states that “pages that display Twitter share buttons or links were distributed to followers on average about seven times more often than pages that did not have similar sharing tools.” The easier you make it for people to share the content that you produce the better.  It works two ways – if you see content that you want to share, click the button. People get used to seeing shared content on their timeline and perhaps they’ll start sharing as well.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, StumbleUpon and Subjot are excellent places for sharing around new content. If we can help you with this, as always, just let us know 🙂 Saucy Horse Social Media – on a mission to make social media easy for you!