Content for Social Media?


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Where is your content?

If you are sitting with a blank Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr or Pinterest account, you need content – after all, content is what Social Media is all about.  If you have a massive Social Media Marketing content block, we can help with these tips that will soon have your accounts flying – and by that we mean, interesting & engaging to your followers.

Blog Content

Review Something

Whether it’s a book reviewed online,or a film, television show or product, if it’s of interest to your readers or customers then talk about it.

Tell A Story

Share your story of how a product or service came into being with your blog readers and customers. Add in anecdotes of problems that you overcame in perfecting your product or service.

Share Tips

Give your customers a shortcut by sharing your experiences with tips and tricks that you have learnt. You’ll become known as an expert in your field if you get this right.

Comment on News

Is there a news story that relates to your industry or customers? Write a quick and interesting blog post giving your take on it – very shareable content!


Share your blog

With the above tips, you’ll have a great blog. Talk about it on Twitter and share it out!

Answer others’ questions

Seen a question on Twitter? Answer it, with the @mention in the middle of the answer instead of a direct reply, and share your knowledge!

Comment on your Retweets

If you see a great tweet that you want to retweet, then comment on it too. If there is room then comment on the original tweet; if not then mention the original tweeter in your comment

Ask a question on Twitter

Something bothering you or are you looking for information? Put out a question on Twitter, including a relevant term with a hashtag – that way your question will be picked up by non-followers who may be monitoring the hashtag

Still To Come in Part Two of Social Media – Where is your content?

We have more tips on LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest still to come!  If you have any great tips, let us know in the comments.