“I hate being presented to. Long, windy overhead presentations bore me to tears and I switch off when they’re on. I don’t need to hear all the underlying research that lead to the conclusion presented on the final slide. What I need to hear is your recommendation and why you think it is the best course of action for us. That’s it. If I need to ask questions about the data or the supporting evidence then I’ll ask them. But if I don’t then leave it out. I need the process to be efficient and meaningful. I don’t want to waste time – yours or mine. So get to the point and make it snappy”.
What’s not to love about any of that?? One little tip I’ll add – use video! We already know how much more interesting your website is when you use video clips or sequences on it. The video SEO benefits are well documented.  In the same way, a simple slide show can be revolutionised by using the images in a video presentation format at the outset. You can grab everyone’s attention with a tailor made video presentation showing your subject or perhaps a brief overview of who you or your business are by kicking off your session with an audio visual wake up and pay attention call! Read the full article by the Bull on making powerpoint business presentations effective here

Video presentations for business

Dynamic content in a video that illustrates key points is a proven way to engage your audience. You can use audio to convey your message by adding recorded voice narrating the content of your slides, or music and captions will do an equally effective job if the message is pithy and relevant to your presentation.
If you need to use PowerPoint as the method of delivery you can customise your embedded videos once they are positioned in your presentation. You can insert a video that you’ve uploaded to a website to play directly in your presentation – which means it’s easy to include Youtube videos or those from other online sources.
Are you using video on your website or in your video presentations yet? What type of video would work best for your business and generate most leads?