Pinterest Revamp

pinterest revamp
Last week, Pinterest announced a revamp. It will be testing a new look. Initially rolled out amongst a small group of users, it’s about making it easier to find what you’re searching for on the social media site.
The social media platform aims to improve navigation by making it more intuitive and faster to use. The new design will include a “related pins” side bar, which may encourage users to stay on the site longer by clicking through to other boards – works on me! The pins will be larger as well so a better viewing experience is offered all round.
“Pins are bigger and we’ve added more information related to pins, so it’s easier to find things you’re interested in,” Vy Pham, software engineer at Pinterest, wrote in an official company blog post. “For example, on each pin, you’ll see pins from the same board, other boards this pin was pinned to, and a whole slew of related pins.”
pinterest revamp
It’ll be interesting to see what this means for the average Pinterest user – already I’m finding it difficult to get off as quickly as I used to! I’m staying on there longer – will this be true for your prospects and customers as well? Are you making the most of that marketing opportunity?

How to use Pinterest in business marketing

If you’re trying to work out how you can use Pinterest in your business marketing, then start with the basics – you need some fabulous images! A great image will increase traffic to wherever you want to send it, get you more pins and repins (like a retweet on Twitter) and improve your online presence generally. It’s about knowing why you’re there though and having a clear strategy on how it can help you to achieve your business goals. If you need some ideas, we have a few over at Saucy Horse Social Media 😉