(and just with that title, you’ve learned that I love a bit of alliteration)
Mondays. Rainy Mondays. Rainy Mondays after a rainy weekend. I needed a kick start this morning, and this video gave it to me.
I love this video, and judging by the 27 million hit count, I know I’m not alone. I will never do any of these things (I get scared standing on a chair, I don’t have the weeble-like-balance skills, and throwing a ball is an endeavour in trying to guess where it will end up) but seeing other people do them inspires me. I know that they didn’t get up in the morning and say, “Today I am going to jump off a cliff, do two double somersaults, a twist and then land in this pool”. They practised. They honed their craft. Then they jumped off a cliff, did two double somersaults, a twist and then landed in the pool.
Just knowing that there are people out there that can do this makes me happy. It makes me want to try and do the best I can at the small things. They can trampoline onto rafters; I’ll be here cheering them on and being motivated by their efforts.
So whether you’re motivated or motivating; inspired or inspiring, I hope that this is a good week for us all!