improving lead conversion rate

The secret to improving lead conversion

Lead conversion lies at the heart of successful marketing campaigns. Attracting good, qualified leads to your website is one thing. Actually making them take the next step and buy a product or service from you is quite another.
Improving lead conversion rate could transform the size and scale of your business almost overnight. If you’re attracting, 1,000 leads to your website every month then improving your lead conversion rate by 1% will result in 10 new conversions every month. That could be a sizeable number on your bottom line.
In this article we’ll examine some of the tried and tested strategies for improving  lead conversion rate that have worked for our clients, bringing them the leads that they need to grow their businesses.

Using video to convert leads

Video is one of the most powerful tools for increasing the conversion rate of your website. In fact, video commonly doubles the lead conversion rate of a website. Quite simply, that means doubling the amount of business that your company gains from marketing. Of course, achieving this conversion rate depends on making the right video, correctly using video optimisation, and putting it on the right page of your website.
Which page you site the video on is crucial. Ideally you should locate the video on a high converting landing page with an obvious call to action that takes people to the next stage in your sales and marketing funnel.  You can find more information on creating high converting landing pages elsewhere on our blog.

What video should you make?

Deciding which type of video to make can be a challenge. There are so many choices when it comes to format, duration and style that some businesses become paralysed and are unable to make a decision. Some businesses are put off by the thought of having cameras in their office or having to appear in the video themselves. In many cases however this isn’t necessary. You could use video animation or one of the main other styles of video that might work for your business.

Video is an investment

Many businesses see marketing as an expense that should be minimised. We see it as an investment. You should be able to track every part of your marketing spend and understand the return that it will bring you. We’ve helped companies to achieve returns of over 6,000% using video marketing. The key to effective marketing is understanding exactly what results your marketing spend is delivering. If you can’t track the return on your spend then you should possibly reconsider the budget you are investing.
Video is one of the best ways of improving lead conversion rate. If you’d like to discuss how it could work for your business then contact our digital marketing scientists. We’d love to hear from you!