make a viral video

…but you can increase the likelihood

According to Adweek, YouTube reaches more adults than any cable network. Follow these tips and you may well make a video that touches a chord with your viewers, gets shared… and goes viral.

Learn a lesson or 2 from Coca-Cola

Avoid excessive branding! People don’t want to see a logo left, right and centre. You could take a leaf out of Coca-Cola’s book on how to make a viral video. The brand recently removed it’s branding from its canned drinks in Middle Eastern countries to raise awareness of prejudices and stereotypes in honour of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The video titled “Remove Labels This Ramadan” has over 16.6 million views on YouTube and counting. 

If your video evokes emotion, it’s a winner!

In order for people to want to share your video, it must be something people want to share. In other words, make it like-able on some level. The question is… what is like-able? Humour usually hits the spot. We took the “humorous” approach when we produced this video for Muddy Carrot, and the video went viral on the customer’s website with over 160,000 views. View count isn’t the only thing worth considering when judging whether your video has had an impact on your marketing objectives. What’s critical is that the video is seen by the people who matter – a targeted audience. It’s all about defining your target audience, before you begin producing your video and then using that video to drive qualified traffic to your marketing funnels.

Use a tripod to eliminate distracting motion

A tripod only takes seconds to erect and adjust, yet it can support your camera in the perfect position for however long you wish, helping you to capture stable and professional footage – if that’s part of the style you want to achieve. 

You could go the extra mile and use a drone. Drone cameras allow you to get stunning camera shots and fantastic angles. Saucy Horse recently produced a commercial for Hazlemere Windows & Conservatories. To capture the full beauty of the conservatories that the client wished to showcase, we used a drone to film aerial shots and capture footage, as you can see from the finished commercial below.

Besides the actual content of your video, distribution is probably the most important ingredient to make a video go viral. What matters most is how your video travels, and to maximise that you need good YouTube video optimisation. Online video represents an incredible opportunity to reach new audiences, but the only way you’ll reach your desired audience is by optimising your videos effectively. Video Marketing Guru is an e-learning course which teaches you the in’s and out’s of Youtube video optimisation. You’ll learn how to create Video Marketing Campaigns for your business, and how to optimise your videos so that they generate meaningful leads and measurable results. You’ll learn to produce high quality, low cost videos and where to use them to generate likes, comments & shares… and potentially go viral! 

Are you making these video mistakes?

Most of us know we should be using video in our marketing, however a badly made video could damage your brand and won’t deliver the results you want – or the customers you need. Don’t start making a video without reading our free report – it could save you from making a number of very costly mistakes. 

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