I really love the guys at reallysimpleseo.com – always giving soooo much useful information out!
Having just read their blog on optimising your website here’s an extract I think will be particularly helpful to those business owners who are managing their own websites on WordPress for example and just need a little clarification on how to write the best content that really does the job in terms of helping the search engines rank their pages higher –
“Why not add the keyword phrases while you are actually creating or editing the pages. For a start the keyword rich pages are going to be available to the search engines much more quickly and you’re going to save on some of the cost of a search marketing specialist. You might think researching and adding the keywords, is a highly technical and complex task to undertake. Actually it’s much simpler that you might think and you are probably much better equipped for it than you imagine. You may know more about the keywords than you think The reason is, there are only only a few keyword phrases associated with every page on your website and as someone who knows your website better than anyone, you probably have some idea of what they are. The trick is to put yourself in the position of someone who might be looking for the products or services you offer and then go to the search engine and search for those keywords Use the Google AdWords keyword tool if you need to.  You can then develop them a bit further using the Google AdWords keyword tool, but even without using it you should be able to create a list of a dozen or so in total. As you find these phrases it might help to put them into a simple keyword spreadsheet so you’ve got them handy for future use.
Getting into the keyword habit will help in the long run! As mentioned above on-page optimisation is just one of the factors that search engines consider when ranking your web page, but it is an important one, and if you can get into the habit of entering those keyword phrases directly into your content as you go, it should help give you the best chance possible.”
Writing great copy for your blogs and websites with plenty of keywords and user relevant copy is what we do at Saucy Horse for many of our clients and so if you need any help with that please do get in touch.
The full article is here.