Twitter Tips


Social Media in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire

What should you tweet?

It’s a new day. You open your Twitter account and there the little box is, just begging to be filled.  “Compose New Tweet”.
“What’s happening?”
What is happening? Or look at it another way – what would you like to happen? We’ve talked before how Twitter users respond to attempts to shape the conversation, but this is different.   Decide on something you want to achieve in your business, set the objective and decide how Twitter can help you achieve it.
If you are having a special deal or offer, target those amongst your followers and those whom you follow, and drop them a chatty direct tweet on top of the generic tweet that you put out.  Perform geographic searches and look for previously unknown-to-you tweeters who may be interested in your deal because of their location, work or interests. Target your social media message to them BUT make it personal and you won’t be dismissed as a spam bot.
A good deal, targeted well will hopefully be shared through retweets and will generate questions and conversations. Not only will you be sharing your message, you’ll be building connections with people.
If your objective is to share a blog post or a video you can ask for comments. If you have a newsletter you can publicise this on Twitter and ask for people to sign up. Make your tweet interesting, engage people in conversation and share your content in a way that is personal to them.
Twitter should not just be used for marketing or selling of course, but for specific tasks, set your goals, create your objectives and monitor your results. If you find one approach doesn’t work then you can tweak it until you find one that does.
What is your aim for Twitter today? What has worked for you in the past? We’d love you to share your stories about Twitter Success!