Enjoyed something online? Click that social media share button!

One of the greatest things about Social Media is how easy it is to share great content from other sources – and therefore how easy it is for you to get your content shared if you appeal to your viewers and readers on a level that makes them want to spread the love!
On all the major social media platforms there is a lovely little share/reblog/retweet button just crying out to be used, so don’t be shy – click away! On most blogs, like this one, there will be a set of share buttons as well so it is easy to spread the word.
There are two main benefits to this

  • You are still providing great content to your readers and followers.
  • You widen your circle of influence by becoming known to the original content provider.
If you are sharing your own content across different Social Media platforms, – for example, letting people on Twitter know that you have updated your blog via the share buttons on your blog.  It will improve your reach, your visibility and  improve your SEO