Haven’t featured Social Steve’s thoughts for a while… Here’s a good article on a subject that is exercising my mind lately – understanding where to find the influencers – the people who will help share your business message and act as brand / product advocates. It’s important… Over to Steve:
“Do you realize that there are tons of conversations on topics relevant to your brand all over the digital universe? Do you realize people talk specifically about your brand on the “world wide web” without you even knowing? Do you think these conversations only happen on your Facebook page and Twitter? Do you want to be engaged where the influential conversations are happening? Then why is your social media strategy and execution focused solely on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog – your own “on-digital-assets?” Yes you want to draw an audience to your assets, but go where the conversation is happening and engage there.”
It’s an interesting point. don’t you think? Sticking to the social media platforms you know isn’t going to necessarily get you what you need. Social Media is about engaging with your target audience.
Broadly speaking, it starts with getting Attention, moving to Attraction and then making a real connection – gaining Affinity. This is how you establish an Audience; and ultimately win over Advocates. In a nutshell, this is what successful social media looks like.
Back to Social Steve…
“In order to get attention and attraction, you go to the place where the target market is. You identify influencers and build relationships with them. All of these activities happen “off-digital-assets.” They are not your own assets… Social media is not just about drawing people into your community. It is about reaching out as well.”
You have to identify the influencers – there’s work involved in doign that – and then build a relationship with them. You can only do that if you understand their needs and what the value is that they look to deliver to their audience. Identify where and how you can help them.
You also want to identify existing groups and communities where conversations exist on topics relevant to your brand or business. Go there and join these communities. Listen – understand the needs and wants the participants have. Engage in conversation and softly introduce your brand and value. Not hard selling, no advertisements. The mention of your brand MUST be relevant to the existing conversations and topics.
This is outreach – recognising that “more conversations happen outside our own world than within our own world” as Social Steve says.
It’s a key concept – once you’ve grasped that, it’s another nail in the coffin of conventional broadcast marketing. And for me, it’s like a light turning on. Can you adapt your approach to start finding the people who will help you raise your business profile online?
You can read the full article on the Social Steve blog here