There is a very good blog by Adam Cohen on his site “a thousand cuts” – it asks the simple question as to the relevance of “etiquette” – for both business and personal communication – in today’s social media maelstrom. Are good manners a thing of the past across the social network?
The simple image shown here of the hand gestures used within business across the world prompts me to think, for a second, about that concept of faceless communication – you can’t see who you are talking to on Facebook or Twitter – you don’t know what gestures they are using, what expression passes across their faces as you communicate. It’s a blind chat really, isn’t it?
The other thing, in this world of instantaneous communication via Facebook, Twitter et al, is whether we really consider  whether the content of the message is something that should be shared 1:1 or OK to share 1:many?   There are stories of people using Facebook to notify family and friends of a bereavment…
Making that choice, with the context to understand the medium, is crucial in relationship building for Social Media users – for businesses or individuals.
Read the full article here and please let me know your thoughts on this. Do we need to establish a new Business Social Media Etiquette?