Use social media for business or fall behind

Social Media for Business - Understand it, Use it...or Fall Behind!

Interesting angle on whether Social Media can work for all businesses, and indeed, which ones it may suit the best, from Niall Harbison in his blog today. He argues that the relevance of Social Media activity to a business depends on its size – however my experience is that it’s not really about the size of the business – although his comments about how businesses struggle to allocate the social media management to someone within the organisation are spot on – it’s more about market sector .
The first questions to ask are – What type of business are you? What is it you are selling and who is it you want to sell it to? What are your brand values and how do you want to be perceived by your customer? (after all, that customer perception is your brand!).

When you are clear in your mind about these things, it’s a lot easier to work out how a social media strategy can be integrated into the marketing mix – because it more than likely can be! There’s a social media approach for most businesses – it’s a case of working with someone who understands the tools to find that right approach – to identify what the aims are, what the expectations are, and how success will be measured. For any size business!
You can read Niall’s full blog here
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