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Weekly digital marketing updates

Welcome to the very first of our 90 second digital marketing updates. We know how easy it can be to fall behind on the latest digital marketing updates, social media trends and technology updates. That’s why we’ve put together the first of our digital marketing updates to help our customers take advantage of the latest innovations, trends and developments in digital marketing. In conjunction with our free digital marketing reports it’ll make it easy for you to benefit from the newest digital marketing innovations. These include the tips that you need to make exceptional digital marketing videos, create an exceptional social media campaign (and avoid the mistakes that so many other businesses make!) and bring your business the customers and conversions that it needs.
If you’d like to know more about any of the stories we’ve covered in our digital marketing news update then get in touch with one of our digital marketing scientists, who would be delighted to help you devise a standout digital marketing plan. Make sure you check back next week for more digital marketing updates.