Customer centric digital marketing

Customer centric digital marketing secrets

Modern B2B companies have a problem, at least according to the latest research from Gallup. It’s a pretty big one, and if they don’t act, they risk losing 71% of their customer base. According to the research, over two thirds of B2B customers are indifferent to or actively disengaged with the organisations they work with, partially due to a lack of customer centric digital marketing. This means that they have little or no reason to keep their business with you if a better option comes along. Unless you’re selling a product or service that is completely unique, that’s a huge risk.
We think we’ve found a solution that will help you to re-engage your long-term customers and turn them into advocates who help to bring you new business. It lies in customer centric digital marketing. This isn’t a digital marketing campaign that runs for six weeks or six months and is then forgotten about. It’s an entirely new approach to the way you market to new and existing customers.
In this article, we’ll examine some of the key areas you should cover in a customer centric digital marketing approach. These ideas are only the beginning, if you’d like more information on steps your business can take now to retain and attract customers, request one of our free website reviews.

Are you sending the right message?

You should communicate regularly with your existing customers. Critically, you should ensure that every communication you send to them is as personalised is possible. Company email newsletters that you send to 30,000 people regardless of whether they are your biggest client or a random person you met at a trade show 10 years ago don’t work. Use the data you have to send people individual offers and messages that might actually appeal to them – that they will find useful and relevant.
If your customer database is a total mess then you need to put time in to sort this out – we call this doing the hard work to make the selling easy. Most modern CRM systems allow you to apply tags to individual clients. This will allow you to send emails to a segmented database – based on their size, the products they use, their industry, their interests, their previous interactions with you – or any other conceivable factor that could help to deliver a more personalised message.
Wondering what the statistics say? According to a recent report from Hubspot, emails containing only basic personalisation achieve a 10% higher clickthrough rate than those that do not. The more personalisation you add, the better these email marketing results will get.

Do you wow your customers?

When was the last time you really impressed your customers? Here’s an idea that will help you to do it today. If you already have a company marketing video that’s never done very much, then this is the time to make use of it.
Before you send it out, record personalised introductions for your 20 or so most important clients or prospects. This will only take around an hour of your time but the results could be incredibly valuable for your business. Thank them for their business and highlight something in the video that will be of particular interest to them.
Distributing these personalised videos by email is sufficient but to really create a wow moment, consider using video brochures instead. These can be liveried up with your company branding and sent out by mail to individual customers. We guarantee they won’t be dropped in the bin – they look and feel too expensive! Results from these video marketing tools are impresssive. Read some video brochure case studies here.
There are plenty of other customer centric digital marketing ideas across our website or, if you’d like to speak to one of our digital marketing scientists about it, feel free to contact us today. We’d be delighted to help you increase the ROI on your digital marketing in 2016.