An amazing row across the Pacific

Rowing the pacific
This week’s blog entry is a little different from what we usually post. Instead of digital marketing tips or video marketing advice we’re going to be taking a look at the progress of the Coxless Crew as they row from San Francisco, California to Cairns, Australia. The Coxless Crew are the first all-female rowing crew to attempt the epic trans-Pacific row and, as you can see in the photo above, our Saucy Horse has taken to the waves alongside them.

Why row the Pacific?

Rowing the Pacific
We’ve worked with rowers before and we’re well aware of just how driven they can be to achieve amazing things. So, when we heard about the Coxlees crew and their amazing Crazy goal we wanted to support them however we could. Obviously, rowing 8,446 miles across the world’s largest ocean isn’t a decision you make on a whim. The crew have been training and preparing for the event for over a year and took place in multiple practice events before setting off from San Francisco.
Their route across the Pacific Ocean is broken down into three roughly equal chunks. At the moment, the crew are on the second leg of their trip, from Hawaii to Samoa and making excellent progress by travelling roughly 50 miles every day. They currently have just under 2,000 miles to go until they reach the second break in their journey, which they expect to do in about 50 days.

How can you help?

The team is raising money for an amazing range of charities as part of their row and any donations, big or small, are very much appreciated. You can buy a mile of the journey for only £10 or make a donation of any amount on their website. Any support is gratefully appreciated.

Keep up with the team

We’ll be keeping an eye on the team’s progress as they get closer to Australia. We’ll be checking in with them again after they reach Samoa. If you’d like to know how they’re getting on in the interim them follow them on Twitter or keep track of their progress on this map.