The excitement and zeitgeist of Social Media means that the buzz around it is constantly changing. It seems that questions arise on a daily basis – What can social media do for my business? Is social media relevant to my business sector? What benefits can it bring to my profile and the profile of my business?

The danger is that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Another issue is that there is so much information out there that companies and business owners aren’t sure which is the right avenue or approach for them.  How are successful business owners and entrepreneurs using social media in the marketing mix? What do you need to make Social Media work for you?
As a local business owner here in High Wycombe and the HP postcodes, it’s clear to me that we are already in a great position for business – great transport links and infrastructure, fantastic business support from local agencies, business forums and the Chamber of Commerce.  Many businesses we speak to want help with marketing – with growing their business – and we want to help them do that in online world – using online marketing tools such as video and tailoring your message for the Social Media channels that will work for your company and deliver you the audiences you need.

Do you want to video blog, giving customers a chance to get to know you and your product?  Maybe marry that up with ustream or twitcams, answering your customers questions in real time, live and on camera?  Do you have a working knowledge of Social Media and want to improve that, or have been looking at moving into using Social Media as a marketing tool and want to know what that entails? Or perhaps you have been using Social Media for a while now and just need to check that you are using it to its full potential.
Perhaps you want to know how how to spice up your copy writing or your email marketing copy; or learn more about blogging and the benefits that it can give your business.  Even how to craft short punchy tweets or FB updates and target them more effectively.  What is it that would really help you and your business? We’re commissioning a short survey to find out what local business needs in terms of practical help.
Leave me your thoughts below on what questions it should include…