I love a good story, me, and I came across an excellent one recently whilst putting together some case studies on the benefit of social media in terms of website SEO and how ensuring your business blog SEO should be part of your digital marketing strategy.
Morgan PR’s site holds a wealth of useful stuff – social media marketing, public relations and web marketing to name but a few of the tasty topics they cover. However, this one story is brilliant – on a number of levels 😉
Over to them –
“I was reminded of an important lesson after reading how a farmer in Bangladesh won a colour television after slaying a whopping 83,450 rats – the figure is confirmed as he collected the tails as proof.
Now I grew up on a farm west of Newbury in West Berkshire and recall after a warm summer and a mild autumn during the early 1980s when the bumper harvest had also led to a equally bumper crop of rats and being a keen marksman I was hired to kill the greedy vermin at a lucrative bounty of 10 pence per rat (this was the 1980s!). The first day a couple of hours of prowling around and taking aim led to a dozen rats being killed and brandishing their severed tails as proof I scooped £1.20. Day two appeared more successful with 20 rats and day three it was 29 and day four it leapt to 38… On day five it would have been 45 but by then the rescued tails from the first days kill were becoming a bit ripe and my Dad, well, he smelled a rat!
However, I had stumbled upon one of the capitalist truths that it is better to do something once and keep earning a reward, than keep simply selling the same service over and over again. So while recycling rats’ tails was going to be a short lived venture, in the modern world of search engine optimisation and the viral buzz of social media-minded public relations and blogging, recycling can work to your advantage.
For example, we regularly offer free downloads. In itself these attract Google, not least when grateful visitors to the site enjoy them and link to these downloads. So written and uploaded once, they are regularly downloaded again and again. Of course blogging too represents this approach and this blog post once published will keep on performing and delivering readers for many months and years. Indeed that Telegraph article I linked to above was written back in October last year, bookmarked in my ‘blogging inspiration’ folder and alighted upon today to inspire this post.”
Very nicely put – it’s clear that businesses cannot afford not to have a blog for a number of reasons, but this take on the organic SEO benefits, as well as how to use the recycling approach to maximise your content, hits a real positive note.
How many more reasons do you need to be getting your business blog up and running? If you need help on any level with getting your business blog established and working for you, we are only a call or a Tweet away.
What great stories about rats do you have? Leave me some in the comments below 😉