Social Media Marketing is like taking your VitaminsGreat blog by Executive Business Coach,  Chuck Boyce – likening the use of social media marketing to the practice of taking vitamin supplements! He says –
“Using social media is a lot like taking vitamins – we know we should do it, we know it will be “good for us,’ but sometimes, just forcing ourselves to commit to it and take it seriously is harder than it sounds. After all, just setting up the account – like buying that bottle of vitamins – is only half the battle.
For social media to work, you have to use it regularly and use it properly, just like you need to take those vitamins every day for them to do any good. After all, logging on to Facebook and playing Farmville once in a while might be a nice break from the daily routine, but it isn’t going to provide much of a boost for your business.”
Spot on – that’s the crux of it isn’t it? If you’re anything like me, knowing what you should be doing is not the problem. I like to think I am well read – I keep abreast of trends, scientific developments, current thought and so on – so I can’t argue I don’t know what night be good for me or what I should be doing. Moving on from “knowing” to actually taking action is another matter. To do anything properly takes a little bit of time and a little bit of thought. Social Media Marketing is absolutely no different in that respect.
It doesn’t need to be difficult. By taking a few minutes to share some free advice, via your Business Facebook page, your Business Twitter account, Your LinkedIn profile or your Business YouTube channel you can take advantage of the success that following the “Listen, Learn, Care & Share” mantra of the great Laura Fitton . You’ll find yourself forming  relationships with your potential customers and clients.
Think about that – this isn’t just about “marketing at” your customers. If you can add something of value to the lives of these people, you build on those relationships. If you can keep it going – and remember it’s about serving – before you know it they may even decide they can trust you with their business!
As Chuck says, “Yes, there are people out there who still think that Facebook is just something their teenager uses to avoid actual conversation, or, even worse, that Tweeting is something birds do. But now that we’re a few years into the social media revolution, those numbers are definitely dwindling. Even people who once considered themselves “above” social media, as well as those who worried it would be too hard to master, are jumping on the bandwagon. Especially other businesspeople, who don’t want to miss out on an opportunity while others are taking advantage of it.”
Your competitors are already using Social Media Marketing – how well is another matter, but if you’re not using at all, you’re at a disadvantage. By finding yourself a Social Media Manager you like, one that speaks with a voice you recognise and that fits with your business message and culture, you are on the way to capitalising on the most exciting business marketing opportunity to appear on the scene for quite a while!
Most importantly, Social Media tools are free – of course you will have to pay for the Social Media Manager who looks after this for you, or at least for effective training of your own  in-house marketer or employee who understands the opportunity – but, in the hands of someone who understands how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube amongst others, you have a low cost marketing weapon set that can radically change the way you engage with your pool of prospects.
2011 is the year you can take the first step towards creating your own Social Media Strategy.
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