Liveblog your way through an event

Most Social Media users, when attending an event and with something to say, will tweet.  Whether it’s a conference,  product launch, trade show or even a TV programme “live tweeting” is becoming more popular.  Tweeting  through the event using a hashtag may encourage retweets and is great for getting your message out, but may cause unfollowing by people who have no interest in the event.
This is where “live-blogging” comes to the fore. Live blogging is a series of short updates, constantly updated throughout the event.

  • Choose your platform. Cover It Live, Scribble Live and WordPress PlugIns all offer different features which can be of use.
  • Who will liveblog Some software offers multiple users a chance to post, to create a “panel” feel
  • Choose a hashtag Some liveblogs allow access to tweets containing a certain hashtag. Choose a short hashtag to run alongside the main event one and these will appear in your liveblog updates
  • Curate When the event is running, your most recent updates will appear first; however when the event finishes the software will flip and people reading will see all updates in correct chronological order. A liveblog is a good way to keep a record of what happened at an event, trade show or launch.
Here is how the Liverpool Echo used liveblogging to cover the Everton signing of a new deal for Maroune Fellaini. This liveblog is a mini-history of the event.  It contains reporting, comments from readers, links, video and pictures.  A great example of just what liveblogging can do.
Have you ever liveblogged? Is it something that you think you could do to provide fresh content to your readers?