Social media marketing one night stands

I rather like the post from Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones over on her blog… it’s always good to read something about social media marketing and digital online presence that brings a smile to your face. Sometimes, it all gets a little too serious for my tastes. Here’s how Lisa frames it…
Are you a social media floosie?

  1. Are you a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker?)  I have a little problem with “specialist” recruiters connecting with “anyone”.
  2. Do you follow more people on Twitter than follow you – this is not always a definite sign of you being a floosie, but think about the message you are sending out by potentially following “everything in a skirt” to attract attention.
  3. The people you are following on Twitter, or connected to on LinkedIn – maybe you have absolutely no idea who they are or how you connected with them… one night stands?
  4. Is your social media photo one that has you cropped at the shoulders with apparently no clothes on? (oops)

Now, I’m not saying I totally agree with the sentiment here, as there are always exceptions to the rule, and reasons why you may want to be “over-connected” as I heard it termed recently… but you have to smile at that “everything in a skirt” reference in terms of Twitter activity. We see it done regularly, and it’s not the easiest policy to be anything other than transparent about. And I couldn’t possibly comment on the reference to profile pictures with “apparently” no clothes on 😉
But I do think that worse than the Floosies are the Gamers – those that follow like a demented rat on the trail of the Pied Piper, only to dump you very quickly in a flurry of some  misplaced “following maintenance” strategy – and you may be dumped because you didn’t follow back, or you may be dumped because you did!
So that’s Lisa’s take on the Floosies for you… what about the Boring Date types?
I know plenty of the “Boring Date” types when it comes to the social platforms – “Enough about me, Let’s talk about me!”
Clearly, it’s a confusing time for many businesses when it comes to digital marketing  – a real cacophony of noise basically telling them they need to “do” social media – much less, though, about how to do it well.
What’s often missing is a bit of thought about how a social presence might integrate with their marketing as a whole…
In  fact, let’s take it back a step – what’s often missing in the rush to “get on social” is a bit of thought as to how they want customers to see, hear, feel about their business and their brand – and an acceptance that they should root out some good solid social media advice from an expert,  in the same way they would when it comes to other forms of marketing, by talking to some specialists in the social media space. We call it creating a social media strategy and it’s essential at the outset of any social media foray!
I still think we have a way to go before people stop collecting “Friends” and “Followers” like loons though 😉
Thanks again to Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones – great article and I loved it! You can read the full article here –