website design - gambado


We worked with Gambado on a new design for their website. Gambado offers children the chance to play, learn, explore and party in some of the most exciting indoor play venues in the UK. We carried out a website review to identify the gaps and missed opportunities. We identified that more than 50% of their website visitors were visiting the site using a mobile device. The website wasn’t mobile friendly, which explains why the bounce rate was exceptionally high. Gambado had little data capture embedded on their website when we began working with them, so we added pop up lead capture to their sales and marketing funnel. Since we added pop up data capture to their site, we capture on average 6,000 email addresses per month. Since the redesign, traffic to the site is up 45% and the bounce rate is down 8%.

If you’re interested in capturing leads on your website (and you should be!) you might find this case study interesting. Read on to discover how we helped them to capture the data of potential customers and re-market to them to drive bookings.