Video for your business website


You know you should be using video – you’ve heard all the stats about improved SEO and better ranking for your website in the search results. So what’s the best way for your business to make the most of video content in your marketing strategy? Are you looking for advice and tips on great ways to use video for your business on your website?

Video content ideas

One of the most useful & effective of our  video content ideas is to use stories about your business. Why not highlight a great job that you have done on a recent project for a customer or client in the way our client did in the video above?

Using video case studies will highlight how you faced & met the challenges of a particular situation – and, of course, you should also include customer testimonials. A good case study video will show the background to how the work was commissioned, the way that you met the brief, the work that you have done in the delivery of the service or the product, before and after shots (if that’s applicable), and how your customer felt about you and the work you did. Bringing these all together in a high quality, well produced video will help build trust and credibility around your business and your brand – help you create a video halo effect around your business.

Customer Testimonials & Recommendations

In the example above,  a Housing Association is filmed talking about the work that a commercial building project, design and refurbishment company provided for them. It includes interviews with the key players, footage of the building as an empty shell and during the work, and shows off the finished areas in all their glory. Importantly, it features the client saying nice things about the company that commissioned the video – peer recommendation and referral is a zillion times more powerful than things we say about ourselves, and so never underestimate the power of an impressive customer testimonial or recommendation.

A Before & After case study video is a very powerful tool for your website – particularly if you are in the business of transformation – architects, builders, workplace designers, interior designers, commercial project managers, maintenance & refurbishment, shopfitters – any business where you take something that already exists and use your skills to turn the chrysalis into a butterfly. Video demonstrates how you did that in a way that static photos and text can never do. Add a marketing call to action at the end of the video prompting your prospect to make contact with you and you have a superb marketing tool at your disposal.

Could you use this for your company website & marketing strategy? Many of our clients use video to increase the number of leads dropping into their sales funnel with well crafted video landing pages and email campaigns that link to a YouTube video. If we can help with advice on how this could work for you, give us a call – we’d love to chat!