Are you using video for your practice yet?

Video offers a wide range of benefits to your business.  Done well, video marketing can:

– Help you build an engaged, qualified list of prospects to whom you can market your services on a regular basis.

– Increase visitor engagement and dwell time on your site – which means you’re more likely to capture their data & be able to hold an ongoing conversation with them.

– Boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance. 

Sites with endless pages of block text and static images rank low on search engines.  A interesting and useful video will engage your visitors quickly, keep them on your site longer, and Google will like your site more  – as a result, you’ll rank higher for your search terms and attract more qualified leads.

Of course, you know yourself, that video is a better way to consume information – it is proven to be more effective than plain text in delivering your message.

video marketing architects


Our videos can help build your business –

A great video, either as a case study or as an animated explainer video, will provide a professional and impactful showcase for your architect practice, and help win you business.

What’s more our teams know how to help you use video marketing to ensure you spread your message far and wide to the right audience – and see a real return on your investment.

If you’d like to know more, you can view examples of our videos on our gallery here – SEE OUR VIDEO EXAMPLES – and you can contact the team here for advice and guide costings by calling 0333 011 3389 or by getting in touch HERE

Case study – architects and commercial design videos

Advanced Interior Solutions is a company which designs and fits out offices for medium to large sized organisations including large PLCs. The company wanted to improve their standing in the eyes of this market and punch above their weight. The company competes with some very large companies and had on occasion been overlooked despite having an impressive range of projects under their belt.

Video to build credibility

They approached us with the task of taking this excellent track record and presenting  it in a way that spoke to the company’s diverse range of clients.  This meant that the videos had to appeal both to project managers, who are often freelance, and commissioners & buyers in very large organisations. Advanced wanted to punch above their weight in pitch meetings. This meant proving that they can handle very large projects and compete with the big boys.

Video Case studies

If you’d like to see the full case study (and the videos we produced) then click here.

Since Advanced Interior Solutions started using the videos we produced, on their websites and in the form of video brochures, they secured an opportunity to pitch for every project they targeted. The Softcat case study video, which cost around £2,500 to commission was used to win a successful £600,000 pitch. For a total cost of around £4,000 including video brochures as part of their marketing armoury, Advanced secured hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business – a fantastic return on their investment. Recently we helped them redesign and build a new website – it’s another area we can support you in terms of digital marketing.

Prices are dependent on style, and length, but they start from as little as £450.

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss how video can achieve great results for your business, then call for a chat on 0333 011 3389, or download some of our free reports for more help and advice on using video as a marketing tool for your practice.