E-learning and Online Training

We can work with you to develop an online training programme for your staff and teams. Whether it’s a one off training module that can be delivered online at their desks, or on their mobile devices, or a full training programme with multiple modules covering every aspect of compliance, legal and services training, we can help.

Our teams will create content based on your training needs, at a far lower cost than your annual training programme. Think of the man hours saved by delivering essential training online rather than in a workshop or one to one training session. The programmes can include testing and completion certificates. See some demo examples below – content is not final to protect customer confidentiality, but examples show how modules can be tailored to your exact needs and exact style depending on your audience.

Online Training Programme – 16 to 18 year olds

Online Training - Gambado

Setting Business Goals –  middle managers

Online Training - Business goals

What Floats My Boat – senior managers

Sterilisation Wrapping Tutorial

Party Host Training



Why online training?

E-learning and online training is creating a bit of a buzz – for good reason. If it’s done right, and driven by a clear strategy aligned with your overall business objectives it will deliver improved results, while reducing costs to your business. Your online training modules for health and safety, induction programmes, compliance, one-off training needs and pretty much any other type of learning delivery need, differ from a  one time classroom workshop. This is because you can make it available to any number of people at times that suit both your business and your employees time frame.

Reasons why e-learning works

– E-learning Supports your Organisation’s Goals

– Reduced training costs. Producing learning content is time consuming whether it’s online or not. With online and e-learning, you can spread your training investment across multiple number of uses. You’ll make savings – less travel, less consumables and  materials, and improved measurable performance.

– Increased productivity. Online learning and training is not bound by location or time. You can train your teams during less busy periods and even whilst they are travelling.

– Standardisation. Your online training material is delivered in the same way in every session. E-learning allows you to create a process and ensure it is delivered consistently. It also compresses delivery time and if you need to you can use blended learning by combining online training with facilitated sessions.

– E-learning is good for the environment. The Open University’s “study found that producing and providing distance learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses.”


If you’d like to know more about how we can help you deliver your training online, please call for a chat – 0333 011 3389 – or contact us today via the website.