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It’s a problem these  days – there are many agencies and marketing experts who’ll offer you the benefit of their wisdom, gained over many years in offline marketing. Wisdom and experience – some of which belongs to a time long gone when we didn’t all spend a large proportion of our time online – and based on an obsolete way of communicating with our audiences, whether they be  B2C or B2B.

Online marketing

On the other hand there are also many Social Media Gurus and Online Marketing whizz kids who have learnt everything there is to know in the blink of an eye, about the mechanics of the social media platforms, the spending of budgets on PPC and other paid for online campaigns, and the technicalities of the digital world we increasingly inhabit – but they may not understand exactly what it is that makes a prospect make contact with your business. That comes from understanding your product or service , your market, your message and the media that you will need to use to best deliver each element of that message.

Marketing Campaigns – offline & online

Why is that important?  Because that might just be something  to do with understanding a customer’s path to purchase. Whether you are marketing offline or online (and we work on marketing campaigns that straddle both) you need to be able to bring it all together and to measure how effective each element is – so you can do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

And that’s where we’d like to offer our services. We have experience of the sort of marketing in the round that delivers more pre-qualified leads, builds more visibility in an increasingly crowded market place, and ultimately boost profits . We’ve been working in the offline marketing since the heady days of the 80’s and, more recently, online digital marketing now for 8 years, including PPC, paid for, owned and earned advertising. We have the stories and the knowledge we’re happy to share, on how you convert strangers to visitors, to customers and, ultimately, to advocates and referrers for your business.

We’d be delighted to share our experience with you – our marketing case studies are a good place to start.

Content is the be all and end all of your offline AND your online marketing and your presence in the digital domain.

It’s the very essence of a successful social media campaign. It should drive the thinking behind online marketing campaign you create – online video, blogs, PPC (pay per click) campaigns, infographics – even your posts on the social media platforms.

And it’s how you build a relationship with your prospects and your customers which can become the foundation of repeat business and a healthy pipeline of leads into your sales funnel. Get in touch for a chat about how we can tailor what we do to improve lead generation for your business.