SEO – What is best practice?

Search engine optimisation is key if your business website is to become the magnet for pre-qualified traffic – prospects who buy your products or services – that you want it to be.

There are things you should be doing in terms of creating a marketing funnel that steers your customers and prospects to a place where they can do business with you – and that involves a content marketing strategy borne out of doing the hard work at the outset that makes the selling easy.

It also involves delivering that content via intelligent social media marketing campaigns and sharp & sassy digital online marketing that speaks to your customer in their language, and delivers solutions to their pain, at the time that they need it.

And you need to hang it all off an SEO strategy that is making the most of the tools and information that we have available to us – and there’s a lot! By understanding how the search engines will reward our websites and landing pages with that all important page one listing in the search results, we can achieve it.

SEO is no longer a numbers & tech problem. Social indicators are becoming key to Ranking and many of the old link algorithms have become ineffective.

We provide the following solutions for your website’s success in the online market.

Social Media Marketing 

Online Reputation Management

Blogging & “How To” articles

Panda & Penguin Updates Recovery

Unnatural Links Removal

Local Listing Plans

Video Marketing plans

Meta tags/Title tag changes / Heading tag changes / Alt tag changes

The end game is more traffic – bringing more customers and prospects who want to be there, because that’s going to end in a win-win scenario – the beginning of a beautiful email nurturing campaign that delivers you more leads.

Search Engine Optimisation Advice

Our free SEO videos will show you:

How to effectively select and use keywords

How to monitor and improve your website performance

How to check your ranking with the search engines

How to check your website isn’t blocked in the eyes of the search engines

How to check your XML sitemap is in full working order

How to check for and get rid of internal duplicate content

How to check how your website ranks in terms of popularity and trustworthiness

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