Maximising ROI online for a bricks-and-mortar business.

“We have worked with Saucy Horse for the last year. In that time they have rebuilt our website and managed our digital and social media marketing. We’ve seen an uplift of over 1000% in social traffic, over 15,000 leads generated via data capture on our digital channels, and a radical improvement in our digital marketing approach across the whole customer path.

Year on year, they’ve presided over an increase in sales of 9% for our £6million+ business. They are now our trusted marketing partners and we consider them part of our team in every sense”

Iain Westwater – Managing Director, Gambado Ltd

Case study : What we did

– Rebuilt Gambado’s website & revamped PPC & remarketing campaigns

– Increasing visits by 25% year-on-year using Search Engine Marketing

– Increased average session duration on the website by 90 seconds

– Increased social media traffic to the website by over 1,000%

– Implemented a net promoter system system driven by social – NPS up 7% in 6 months

– Introduced a cart abandonment campaign – uplift in weekly revenue over £2000

– 9% uplift in sales year on year, directly attributable to improved marketing performance


Gambado had a successful bricks-and-mortar business, and an informative website – but felt that their digital marketing budget was not generating new business – at least not in a measurable way. Their audience are busy, distracted parents with young kids to entertain – capturing and maintaining their attention is crucial, and context is vital. In this case study, we’ll outline how we made a measurable difference to their business.

Digital Marketing for growth

Online and digital marketing channels offer exciting opportunity for growth, but can be a huge drain on money if each penny isn’t meticulously tracked, and each user correctly catered for with specialised content. Gambado wanted to know just how effective their digital marketing spend was, and if there was anything they could do to get clarity on what revenue it was generating. Importantly, they wanted to knoe if there was anything that could be done to improve their digital marketing optimisation.

The solution

Saucy Horse kicked off a Digital Marketing Optimisation strategy, with the aim of optimising digital marketing spend across multiple channels, promoting multiple products. Social Media activity was reviewed and a new social media strategy created. Delivery was fully delivered by the Saucy Horse social team as customer service partners to the client.


An existing Analytics installation was not tracking all users, and attribution was not working due to incomplete tracking and cross-domain issues. This meant that users could not be tracked when they actually left the main website to make a booking and spend money! This was improved and enhanced to capture and report a greater granularity of user behaviour, including sales funnels, call tracking, page interest heat-maps, form-interaction and more. With this insight, Saucy Horse were able to create a set of vital metrics and baseline initial performance.

Digital Marketing Insight

With key metrics in place, and a wealth of more granular data at hand, Saucy Horse’s team were able to identify key drivers to the site, the user intent, and barriers on the site causing cart abandonment.

Starting to optimise

With a set of key barriers identified, changes to copy, content, forms and images were made that reduced friction and introduced more hooks to keep users engaged. The key reasons for abandonment were either removed or negated with right-time, right-device incentives and data capture. Crucially, it was recognised that over two-thirds of the traffic to the Gambado website came from mobile devices. This meant that any lead bait that we created had to be mobile optimised. We also recognised that if someone visited the website but did not complete a booking, we had no way of capturing their information and continuing to communicate with them – either through a specialised email nurture campaign or Gambado’s regular email update.

Taking key steps – 

We introduced a number of lead bait capture funnels on a number of pages. In particular, we created a range of onsite pop-ups that appear when a visitor tries to leave the website. These pop-ups offer an incentive in return for the prospect’s email addresses. Now that we have a social media strategy driving substantial traffic to the site, these pop-ups capture 1,000 email addresses every month from clients who would otherwise have been lost to Gambado. We have also introduced a cart abandonment campaign, which automatically sends emails to customers who begin the party booking process but do not complete it. This offers a small discount in return for them returning to complete booking. 3 weeks after launching, this medium was responsible for 10% of Gambado’s online revenue.

Mobile app development

Digital Marketing optimisation

To improve Gambado’s ongoing communication with its customers, we have created a new app for the company’s three flagship sites that contains vital information for parents and allows us to promote flash offers using push notifications.

Ongoing digital marketing optimisation

Gambado continue to benefit from ongoing improvement and insights, knowing that their marketing spend is continuously being invested in the most profitable channels to bring in a greater share of engaged audiences. With continuous A/B testing in place as part of our digital marketing optimisation services, there is plenty more to gain from ongoing site improvements.

Find out more

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