Best Brand Videos

The best videos are those that make your audience smile or laugh – or both. Here’s a great example from Evian

#DontBeVanilla – video that makes your audience sit up!

Sometimes, the best videos push boundaries – and might just offend some people, which is why it’s key to know your audience. After all, your business will not succeed in being perceived as anything other than mediocre if that’s how your business markets its services or products – in a mediocre, same-as-it-always-was, same-as-everyone-else-is-doing-it style.

You may find that by pushing the boundaries of taste and sensitivity, you might just get your business heard above the digital noise that we’re all exposed to, day-in and day-out in the world of digital marketing that we now all inhabit.

One word of warning though – make sure your approach works for your brand, your product and your audience, so that you don’t run the risk of putting off your prospects. We like this – and 23.5 million views over on Poo-Pourri’s YouTube channel would suggest they certainly got the viral aspect of video marketing right!

Best Company Videos

The best videos often come about from looking at things differently – as this video example from a property estate agent marketing campaign shows. How many businesses could use a mention of “road kill” in a video about their business? They used video as a platform to showcase the owner’s personality rather than to produce a corporate selling piece.

You can see the full story of how digital marketing campaign activity included video, social media, radio and local PR here –