Video Testimonials for your website

Using video testimonials to prompt your customers and prospects to take a postive action

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As part of your content marketing and your digital marketing campaigns, have you harnessed the power of video testimonials?

Video testimonials help your potential prospects and customers make their mind up about buying from your business. They are a proven way to increase the conversion rates of your online assets – your website, your e-commerce portals and your landing pages as part of your PPC campaigns for instance.

Using clients and customers and their feedback & review as part of your content marketing is an effective way of combining recommendation and positive peer review within a video story. It’s a way for your prospects to understand how you work and how others rate you – but in their own words and not yours. The power of “earned” vs “paid for” means that earned recommendations and testimonials are still the gold standard when it comes to persuading our prospects to take a next action.

Video Testimonials service for websites, video marketing and digital marketing

Contact us if you’d like to discuss ways you can use your customer feedback as video testimonials to improve return on marketing investment, turnover and ultimately profits in your business.

Professional Video Testimonials for your online video marketing

Using written testimonials in a video

If you can’t get your customers and clients in front of the camera, consider instead using images and their testimonial as words in a video like this – it’s more engaging than simply using text on the page, and if you optimise the video testimonial properly on YouTube and embed it into your website you will also gain video SEO benefits.