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Case Study : 6000 leads in 1 month

“We have worked with Saucy Horse for the last year. In that time they have rebuilt our website and managed our digital and social media marketing. They have achieved an uplift of over 1000% in social traffic, 16,514 leads generated via data capture on digital channels, and a radical improvement in our digital marketing approach across the whole customer path. Overall, they’ve presided over an increase in sales of 9% for our £6million+ business, year on year. They are now our trusted marketing partners and we consider them part of our team in every sense

Iain Westwater – Managing Director, Gambado Ltd. April 2016

pop up data capture

If you’re interested in capturing leads on your website (and you should be!) you might find this case study interesting. When we started working with Gambado, they were only able to capture a couple of hundred email addresses every month on their website. Now, less than a year, later they capture over 6,000 email addresses every single month. Read on to discover how we helped them to capture the data of potential customers and re-market to them to drive bookings.

Capturing details before people leave

We added pop up data capture to Gambado’s sales and marketing funnel in May 2015. These capture the details of potential customers who Gambado would never have known about before we introduced the pop-up The pop up banner captures the data of parents who are thinking about booking a Birthday party with Gambado, but aren’t quite ready to purchase. In exchange for their name and email address, Gambado offers them information about saving 15% on the Birthday party when they decide to book. The pop up banner is set to appear when a customer is about to leave the page on a desktop and after a 10 second delay on mobile devices. This client gets over 70% of visits from mobile devices, but a considerable amount of those visitors aren’t at the booking stage yet, so this is a successful way of capturing their data before they leave the page.


pop up data capture

Remarketing campaigns

We can communicate with people who have visited the website, but haven’t completed a booking using re-marketing. This involves showing banner advertising across the internet to prospects who are in the funnel and have not yet made a purchase, encouraging them to take the next step. The biggest advantage of re-marketing is that the ad is only shown to people who have shown a genuine interest in your product. For 21 days after they visit the website, these people regularly see adverts reminding them of parties and Gambado and covering various benefits that they offer. We can also show the remarketing advertising in potential customers’ Gmail inboxes and on Facebook. We regularly review the campaign to add new forms of remarketing and ensure that our targeting is as accurate as it can be. This remarketing campaign generates up to £3,500 of revenue every month.

Of course, we can also invite them to join our email nurturing campaigns using offers and lead bait – this has added over 10,000 highly qualified people to their database in 9 months. And it all starts with capturing leads on your website in the first place…


Reducing cart abandonment

Cart Abandonment Email

We identified that over 80% of people who began the party booking process dropped out before their booking was complete. To maintain communication with those who dropped out of the process, we started to capture emails at the beginning of the booking process. We give each potential customer 24 hours to complete the booking process, if they do not, we send an email offering a 10% discount if they come back and book. 3 months after this launched, 15% of all party bookings are made using this code.

By capturing our clients’ potential customers data, we can build lead nurture email campaigns, which allows us to build a case that we are useful and relevant to them, before we jump straight into sending them an email about booking a Birthday party. Lead nurturing works because it allows you to build credibility and trust and develop relationships with your customers by sharing useful information, and offering them something that would be of value to them. That way, they are warmer when the time comes to sell your products.

In the first month of the email pop-up campaign around 12% of the visitors who entered the funnel went on to book a party – around £2,250 return on investment. The abandon party campaign now regularly provides a return on investment of over £7,000. We’ve helped companies of all types make real returns on their investment in their digital marketing and social media marketing. If you’d like to discuss how we could do the same for you just give us a ring on 0333 011 3389 or contact us via the website.

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