Discover how our B2B video marketing benefitted Advanced Interior solutions

Case Study : B2B – Video Marketing

Client : Advanced Interior Solutions

The Brief

Advanced Interior Solutions is a company which designs and fits out offices for medium to large sized organisations including large Plcs. The company wanted to improve their standing in the eyes of this market and punch above their weight. The company competes with some very large companies and are often overlooked despite having an impressive range of projects under their belt.

They approached us with the task of taking this excellent track record and presenting  it in a way that spoke to the company’s diverse range of clients.  This meant that the videos had to appeal both to project managers, who are often freelance, and commissioners in very large organisations.

What we did

We scripted, storyboarded, shot and produced a range of videos including a general ‘hero’ piece introducing the company and its work and individual case studies targeted at specific companies and sectors. This allowed Advanced Interior Solutions to highlight only relevant parts of their experience in any particular pitch. For example they could emphasise their technical know-how when it comes to air-conditioning systems and power supplies or discuss their design experience depending on the project, company or person they were pitching to.


The Hero Video

The hero video introduces Advanced Interior Solutions and showcases their credentials. Office fit outs are naturally a very visual business area and the hero video showcases many of their projects in a short amount of time. It also focuses on testimonials from clients. There are no talking heads from the company just clients explaining their experience of working with the company. There is no hard sell. The company stands and falls on what others think of it. Earned as opposed to owned or paid…


The Case Study Video

The case study had to address a wide range of issues in a short amount of time. It is designed to quickly demonstrate that Advanced has the experience that large clients are looking for during a pitch meeting. These case studies are delivered to clients using video brochures which allow them to be presented to clients in meetings without the need for any technical equipment.

The video brochures also have a wow factor which leaves a lasting impression on clients. From a practical point of view they are also much easier to pass around between people in a meeting room than a digital video file and of course, you can leave them with the prospect for longer lasting impact.

IMG_3947 2

The results

Since Advanced Interior Solutions received the videos and targeted prospects with specific videos they have not lost a single pitch that they have taken part in. The Softcat case study video, which cost around £2,500 to commission was used in a successful £600,000 pitch. For a total cost of around £4,000 Advanced has secured hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business – a fantastic return on their video marketing investment. They have since returned to us with new work, asking us to record new case studies based on some of the projects they won using our video brochures!


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