TV Adverts & Commercials Production

The Brief:

Since 1985, family owned Hazlemere Window Company has been dedicated to traditional craftsmanship, high quality bespoke products, excellent value for money and outstanding customer service in their conservatory and windows business.

Hazlemere Window Company approached us with a project to produce a TV commercial for their windows and conservatories which would be shown on Sky TV’s AdSmart service. This was a project that required a new concept and scripting from scratch, including a storyboard and full video production. The commercial needed to target a very specific local audience using Sky AdSmart ‘s revolutionary new approach to TV advertising. It allows advertisers to choose what type of household see their ad. Hazlemere Window Company targeted their video advertisement at a very specific demographic over the age of 55 and with high net worth in a wide variety of postcodes in and around Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire.

Once we’d written the script it had to be cleared by Clearcast – they clear ads for broadcast on the UK’s main commercial channels. The total process of approval requires around 7-14 days subject to the approvals on the draft edit and the final edited commercial.

What we did:

To capture the full beauty of the conservatories that the client wished to showcase, we used a drone to film aerial shots and capture footage of the whole of the conservatories. The drone cameras allow you to get stunning camera shots –  navigating them in tight spaces is a real skill. It takes dedicated professionals to be able to pilot them – and I mean, pilot them – a full pilot’s licence is required. The spectacular footage was shot, not by a film crew in a helicopter, but by our film crew using a drone. Our operators have plenty of experience allowing us to get some fantastic angles and shots that are very easy on the eye, as you can see from the finished commercial.

A number of precautions were taken before we took the drone footage. We had to monitor the weather forecast – high winds make it very difficult to use them. There are also regulations around permissions for the footage you capture.

We also filmed using 4K Lumix cameras and Sony DSLR cameras with a go-pro thrown in for good measure!

Editing TV Commercials

After the filming, the footage was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and then effects such as blue skies, sun bursts and a few lens flares for good measure were added during post production. The sun doesn’t always shine in the UK, but it does on TV! We also recorded the voice-over and completed an audio mix to full broadcast specification. The commercial was delivered for broadcast on Sky via the Adstream platform. It can be a complex process but we handle all that side of things for clients who work with us on their TV marketing campaigns.

The client was delighted with the results and the advertisement began airing on Sky via Sky boxes around the South East within 4 weeks of being shot.

This year has been called “The Year of Video Marketing,” as businesses find new, inventive ways to use video to reach and convert leads & prospects into customers. There are a lot of creative, fun ways to use drones for business videos, TV adverts and commercials. If you’d like to discuss using drones in your next TV commercial or business video, or how a Saucy Horse video can help you gain more leads in your online marketing, get in touch – give us a ring on 0333 011 3389.

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