Oh, I love starting a blog post with a riff on a cliché, but please bear with me.  When it comes to assessing the success of your social media marketing, there are basic things you should do. Have a look at your Twitter followers, Facebook Friends and Likes, LinkedIn Connections, YouTube subscribers.  How many do you “know” and can you list one or two things about them off the top of your head?
It’s not always about the numbers, it’s about the Social Media Engagement. Without this, you’re wasting you’re time. Have a look at your lists and spend a bit of time every day going through it. Say hi to people, comment on their posts, reply to their tweets. Hang around for the conversation that evolves. Share others’ links and thoughts too.  You’ll get to know the people on your feeds and streams and they’ll get to know you too.  That can only be a benefit to your knowledge and your business.
How do you expand your knowledge about the people in your feeds and streams? We’d love to hear other examples!